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Hunting Wild Boar in Texas, Not For the Timid

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If you've ever considered hog hunting, but dismissed it because it sounds like you're chasing them out of the barn, then you really have missed the boat. Feral wild pigs are a difficult but rewarding hunt. These wild boars, or sometimes called wild hogs, are a menace to livestock and have been known to actually take down a full grown cow. They're fast moving, know how to hide, and once spooked will run fast and can charge you, weighing sometimes 300-400 lbs. they can be quite scary. Let's take a quick look at what you would need if you were going on a hog hunt.

Wild Hogs Can Be Dangerous, Approach With Care

What would normally be a rather tranquil animal in captivity can turn vicious when threatened in the wild. Therefore, you shouldn't get too close, especially if there are any piglets around, a wild boar could easily knock a person to the ground and cause some damage. It's best to set up a good distance away where you can wait for the hog to come out of the bushes so there is no surprise. An experienced guide should be along if you're unfamiliar with the territory, they'll know the trails that the hogs frequent, and also some good spots to wait in safety.

Always Take A More Experienced Hunter Along The First Time

Even if you are familiar with the particular terrain, it's a good idea to always have someone that has hunted wild boar in the past. A skilled hog hunter knows the signs to look for and how fresh they might be, plus has a good idea of the pig's regular routines and feeding times just by examining the smallest clues in the forest. Pigs like to follow a regular moving habit, walking the same trails and eating in the same areas, usually a distance away from the bedding area.

The Use Of Good Hunting Dogs Is Recommended

A pair of good hunting dogs, such as provided by outfits like Y Bar Ranch in Texas, can go a long ways towards making your hunt a success. Dogs can pick up the scent or trail of a wild hog from hundreds of feet away and give plenty of warning if one is approaching through the underbrush.

If you're in Texas, around the San Antonio area, you'll definitely want to stop by the Y Bar Ranch and take advantage of their excellent guides and take in a hog hunt, you'll never stop talking about the giant hogs, the great food, and accommodations that are included in their packages.

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